We are a multi-talented, diverse background and innovative team, who develop high value- propositioned solutions to complex technical problems from various disciplines. We develop the required mathematics to describe physical phenomena by combining optics, photonics, imaging, and lab-on-a-chip technologies. We are also capable of developing practical products to enable these mathematical models with engineering, algorithm and software development.
Our strong background in engineering, product development, project management, business development, sales, and marketing enable them to create positive synergy.
Umit Kaya
Umit holds a BS in Engineering and an MS in Computer Science. Umit has been delivering technology innovations for 17 years. His servant leader characteristic comes from his Scrum Master experience. Before Kaia was asked to deliver a pressure measurement technique for microfluidics by Colorado School of Mines Petroleum Engineering Department Umit had served for the University of Colorado Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center for over 3 years as the Technology Solution Manager. He strengthened the business processes and supported critical business strategies by identifying and assessing potential technology solutions. The Center was known with new technology adoption successes and one of the technology adoptions was microfluidic technology as an emerging clinical tool to evaluate thrombosis and hemostasis.
He was one of the founder members at the Development & Informatics Service Center (DISC) at University of Colorado Health Science Center. The DISC provided system analysis, technology consulting & integration, custom design technology development projects with the particular needs of health sciences researchers.
He had started two other businesses before Kaia. He exited with customer acquisition from the Collective Wits, which was a custom design software development and hosting company. The other one, Happy Ladybug Learning Center, is still operating successfully and he is serving as a board member. He was accepted and completed both SBDC-Boulder Tech Venture Accelerator and SBA Emerging Leaders Programs in 2017. These initiatives were practical, hands-on versions of MBA and focused on small, poised-for-growth companies with potential for job creation.
Akin Koksal
Akin holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He has 18 years of experience in manufacturing and developing test devices for the petroleum industry. He has taken similar fluid and rock test products to the market and he has completed three R&D projects with products that had successful entry to the market. He will be responsible for engineering design and test fabrication.
Dr. Glenn Williams
Dr. Williams has 27 years of experience in modeling and simulation. Application areas include multiphase subsurface fluid flow, biomolecular modeling, systems biology modeling, quantitative systems pharmacology modeling, image analysis, and general predictive modeling. He has two issued U.S. patents regarding his work in predictive input-response modeling. He has the experience we need to complete our algorithm development and implementation approach. He will aid in developing the algorithms for the numerical analysis to process the experimental data with the computational software in modeling and simulation for multiphase fluid flow, image analysis. We have already worked with him in the previous projects and had satisfactory results
Andrew Fahrland
Mr. Fahrland has been consulting scientist for a variety of instrument design companies to bring novel optical and laser-based instrumentation to market. He participated in the full development cycle of new products, from initial modeling and prototyping, laboratory testing, refinement, design for manufacture, software development, test automation, and product release.
Jean Berthold
Ms. Berthold is an award-winning Entrepreneur and Marketing executive with 20+ years of experience in providing advanced spectroscopy instrumentation to Engineers & Scientists in the Oil & Gas & Natural Gas exploration. She established a track record of breakthrough results and dramatic turnarounds for sales, marketing & operations management in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical sectors. Her experience and industry contacts will assist Kaia Corp. in staffing the commercialization team. Tyler Bigham works with small and large companies to provide professional mechanical and manufacturing engineering solutions, focusing on: design, prototyping, development of products, and cost reducing design improvements, through the manufacture of finished products.
Tyler Bigham
Mr. Bigham works with small and large companies to provide professional mechanical and manufacturing engineering solutions, focusing on design, prototyping, development of products, and cost reducing design improvements, through the manufacture of finished products.
Dr. Elham Parsa
Dr. Parsa researches the effects of nano-confinement on hydrocarbon behavior in unconventional reservoirs.
Steve Leeds
Mr. Leeds is the founder of Leeds Group, a cooperative marketing company employed by several technology providers in the upstream oil and gas technology industry to assist with advertising, marketing, and sales. Earlier in his career, he had started a small regional laboratory, Precision Core Analysis, providing core analysis services to oil and gas operators throughout the Rocky Mountain region. After 10 years of operations, the company was acquired by an industry leading company, Core Laboratories and he became Business Development Vice President. Mr. Leeds is our business advisor.
Dr. Erdal OZKAN
Dr. Ozkan is one of our scientific advisors. Currently, he is a professor and chair of Petroleum Engineering Department at Colorado School of Mines. With 25 years of involvement in the field, he is currently the co-director of a reservoir engineering research center (MCERS) funded by US and international oil and natural gas companies. His main research interests are horizontal and multilateral well technology, pressure-transient analysis, modeling fluid flow in porous media, and unconventional reservoirs. Authored and co-authored over 100 technical papers and a few technical books; Dr. Ozkan’s work on horizontal and multilateral wells and pressure-transient analysis are among standard references.
Colorado School of Mines is our strong collaborator. Our pressure measurement method for microfluidics collaboration was awarded STTR Phase 1 Grant by the US Department of Energy. Both the Petroleum Engineering and Physics Departments are involved in the venture. They housed and tested our prototypes in our previous projects; provided us access to their labs.