Microfluidics and microreactors are rapidly growing areas focusing on flows in microchannels, MEMS, biomedical flows, Lab-on-a-chip systems, offer excellent mass and heat transfer performance for extraction and multiphase reactions. They provide a powerful tool for process intensification and microscale processing.

We are proposing a laboratory-based system for measuring pressure and gas diffusion in the liquid within microfluidics and microreactors of research and industry-needed flow properties.
Our measurement method will be a game-changer for several industries. Medical, civil, environmental, geothermal, oil & gas industries would appreciate our measurements. Additionally, numerical simulation requires real data from our tests.

A specific use case is for reservoir management in the highly flow-restrictive shales of today’s unconventional reservoirs, the oil and gas industry need to quantify oil flow characteristics. Unlike traditional oil and gas reservoirs, the new unconventional reservoirs produce oil and gas from rocks with flows more restrictive than concrete. Characterizing pressure and phase behavior in reservoirs is a present and active challenge natural energy resources industry. This information is dramatically needed by the industry as it continues to develop, manage, and model reservoirs. The information our technology will bring to the energy industry is seen as a step toward better production rates and improved reservoir lifetimes.

The current methods may cause up to 50% error in recovery estimation tight-rock reservoirs like shale. Current ultimate oil recovery from unconventional shale is less than 10% while knowing fluid properties in the flow network (i.e., micro-fractures) would increase oil recovery as much as 33%.